Data Privacy

The information you give us is important and private

We outline our approach to the use of your information and highlight the rights you have to access it, control how we use it, correct it if we have it wrong and erase it completely if you wish. The information you give us is important and private. 

We collect only the data we need to understand your learning objectives and to provide suitable solutions to you. As a client of Vision Achievement or as a member of the Achievement Academy, we collect data on all the activities you enjoy with us, and we also keep data on learning events you have taken elsewhere if you so choose to provide a full picture of your post-education development.  We recognize the information you give us is important and private.

Your data rights

A summary of your rights, which may vary slightly depending on the data privacy laws where you live.

The information you give us is important and private


The word “site” or “sites” refer to the Vision Achievement website and the Achievement Academy website.

You are the site User, and your use of the site is through a license. The User may be a single user or may represent a group which includes single users, owners, employees, partners, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, attorneys, agents, heirs, and assigns. 

Vision Achievement Limited which also produces the Achievement Academy is referred to as Licensor. The Licensor includes owners, managers, employees, subsidiaries, independent contractors, agents, attorneys, and assigns of Vision Achievement Limited.

Privacy Policy

Licensor regards data privacy of primary importance. Licensor will only collect that data of User which is necessary to administer the functions of Vision Achievement and the Achievement Academy. Such data will be protected with normal and reasonable industry standard security techniques at all times. Data will be stored on servers in the United Kingdom and/or the United States for purposes of processing and backup.

Purpose of Collecting

Licensor collects and uses personal information for many purposes, including but not limited to product and service fulfillment; understanding User needs; website improvement; product and service improvement; communication with User and potential Users regarding products and services.Data Disclosure

Licensor will not disclose data of User to any third-party for any purpose. In order to provide User data to a third-party, in provision of a specific solution requested by User, Licensor will ask for permission to disclose every time such request is received from User. Licensor will only disclose User’s data internally on a need-to-know basis. 

Billing Purposes

Vision Achievement and the Achievement Academy website enable the purchase information provided by User to be entered into a third party payment gateway directly and Licensor does not receive the financial / credit card information. Only the third-party gateway can process subscriptions and other payments. The information most commonly collected by the third-party gateway includes name, financial / credit card information, billing address, and email address. The sites enable the purchase information provided by User to be entered into a third party payment gateway directly and Licensor does not receive the financial / credit card information. The third-party payment gateway is not entitled to access any personal data of User held on the sites.

Mandatory Disclosure

Licensor will disclose data of User to any competent authority that has jurisdiction over such data. Such disclosure will only occur when the competent authority has demonstrated the right to access through court order, legislation, law, regulation or ordinance. In the event of mandatory disclosure, the User may or may not be notified of such disclosure, depending on the nature of the mandatory disclosure.


ISP Access

The internet service provider (ISP) for the sites (as with any Internet site) has the ability to record various information, including domain name, pages accessed, date and time of access, web browser type and computer operating system, and referring information. The ISP may be changed by Licensor at any time without notice to User. The ISP is not entitled to access and personal data of Licensee.


Licensor relies heavily on the use of email, telephone and the internet to provide services to the User. User expressly consents to receiving communications from Licensor via regular mail or courier, email, text or voice message to a phone, including a telephone recording device. User may restrict which methods of correspondence Licensor may use and may change such restrictions from time to time. User may receive information about service updates, new features, new benefits or information Licensor believes is closely related to the current activities of UserLicensor will not send marketing updates or material unless User has specifically opted-in for such correspondence.

Licensee Identification

User may choose to opt-in to social media aspects of the sites. If User has chosen to opt-in, provision of an image (avatar) is optional and User may choose to significantly limit their identifying information. User may also choose to opt-out at any time. If User has chosen to opt-out, they will be unable to participate in group or team activities with other Users.


Cookies may be used to monitor access to the sites. User may consent to the use of cookies through the panel shown when navigating to the sites. Cookies are used for testing purposes and collecting publicly available data to gather statistics for the purpose of determining which search engines, referring sites and key words bring visitors to the sites. The purpose of gathering this data is that it will help promote the sites, make the sites more interesting and useful to visitors, and to identify areas where improvement is needed. If User does not authorize the use of cookies, the subscriber portion of the sites may not work. Licensor will be given an opportunity to accept or decline the use of cookies when visiting the sites.

Third-Party Websites

In the course of operating Vision Achievement and the Achievement Academy services, these sites may link to other websites that provide material, images, videos and social media activities and more that enhance the quality of our solutions. In the event User uses a link to a third-party system, User should be aware that the linked website may have data and privacy policies that differ from our policy. When our website links to a third-party site, there will be an indication before User clicks the link. 

If you have a question about how we respect that the information you give us is important and private, please let us know

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