Achieve a Specific Goal
Executive Coaching
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Achieve a Specific Goal

We tailor our coaching to our client needs, so we meet our clients where they are. Nobody is forced down a preprogrammed path, for instance.
You must achieve a specific goal. YOU are the only person who can define achievement properly.  Together, we define the right coaching path and process. Our assessments and initial consultation establish the plan. We agree all outcomes at the outset. We follow the best coaching practices of professional coaching bodies even as we flex the program. You will achieve short-term, sometimes immediate changes that lead you you achieve a specific goal.

Target Audience

Program design target is for the top three levels of an organization, for example the leader, their direct reports and those one level below. The program works for any functional or cross-functional discipline. It’s especially good for those aspiring to higher roles in the future, for instance.


Executive coaching is ideal when you need to achieve a specific goal. Your coach works with you toward that end. We identify additional learning needs as we go along. You can chose when to develop further. We will not sidetrack the coaching. It will always remain laser focused on your goals. More can be found about our coaching here.

Support to Achieve a Specific Goal

Start and stop this program at any time. As a result, there is no recurring billing. In the first month the assessment and coaching plan occurs. It’s coaching only after that. You get three full coaching virtual sessions with an accomplished executive every month. If another assessment is required later, it is included. We create a new plan when you have achieved your initial plans goals.

Pricing is inclusive of all assessments, the agreed coaching plan, three 50-minute coaching sessions per month. It’s great value, you save 25% on our regular executive coaching rates, for instance.

Goal-setting coaching helps, find out how here

Booking your coaching sessions

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