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Neocharismatic Leadership Directions – Setup Payment Plan

This product establishes Neocharismatic Leadership Directions Setup Payment Plan.

You want to get the benefit of enthusiastic, engaged followers. You’d like to live the behaviors of Neocharismatic Leadership. In that case, you need to turn the theory into action.  We will jointly agree the right coaching path and process for you based on the Neocharismatic Leadership model. After all, this well researched and academically tested model is the key to understanding how to put ethical leadership into practise.

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to lead a change needs this program. It might be a major change in a big organization, charity or governmental operation. It might also be to change the minds and activities of villagers in a remote part of the world. Neocharismatic Leadership helps anybody be more effective. For example, there are so many problems to solve. There are so many opportunities to innovate to benefit the global population. We need everyone to step up to leading, everywhere.


The coaching is very much tailored to the individual client. Consequently, it follows the three phases and eight behavioural roles outlined in Dr Ghadah Angawi’s book: “Neocharismatic Leadership. A comprehensive self-coaching model”. We will determine which part of the model applies to your most pressing issue. We will build from there. Consequently, our laser focus will always remain on you accomplishing your goals.


This full-year coaching program comes with a copy of the eBook, two personal assessments, 12 virtual coaching sessions and follow-up for 3 more months after completion. This product includes the first instalment payment. There will be two further payments. $1,250.00 each at the end of months 2 and 4.

More can be found about the related podcasts and book here. As a result of listening to the podcasts, you will increase your understanding rapidly.

Neocharismatic Leadership Directions – Setup Payment Plan

There is no recurring billing, this is for the initial, setup installment. As a result, we will remind you of the next installment due. Payment for future installments may be made on this website. The price is inclusive of all assessments, eBooks, related tools that are client specific, profile building, coaching planning, 12 virtual coaching events, success measurement and three months of email support following completion. More can be found on Neocharismatic Leadership here.

Booking your coaching sessions

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