Strength Based Leader Profile


Strength Based Leadership Profile

We tailor our coaching to our client needs, so we meet our clients where they are. Nobody is forced down a preprogrammed path.
Our strength based leadership profile has been researched for over 20 years and is built around evidence from leadership results.

Target Audience

Profile design target is for anyone who leads a team with direct reports. The program works for any functional or cross-functional discipline. It’s especially good for those aspiring to higher roles in the future, for instance. In particular, learn the emerging links between leadership and diversity.


Executive coaching or mentoring is ideal when you need to achieve a specific goal. Your mentor works with you to be sure you understand what the profile is telling you. Most importantly, it explains what strengths you need to build and what weaknesses will make no difference in your leadership ability. More can be found about our coaching here.

Booking your mentoring sessions

Get the confirmation for this payment and we will contact you to start the profile data gathering. Depending on how quickly the people you have asked to rate you respond, we can usually get the profile prepared in three weeks or less. When we have it, we will let you know and you can book your next session using the Book Now menu item on the webpage, or using the link we provide in the notification.

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