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5 Blogs to Follow to Further Your Career.

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: December 10, 2021

With us having our own blog it may appear an odd decision for us to be advertising other blogs to be checking out. But we think it’s important to get as many perspectives as possible on your career, hence why we provide a mentoring and coaching platform. 

Checking these blogs out will give you a better understanding of what you can do to better yourself.

1) Vision Achievement 

Okay, I know I said were showing other blogs to check out but we know that by following what we’re sharing it will give you great ideas and instructions on how you can achieve your goals. Not only do we offer our own advice but with post like this one we can compile advice from other sources .

Okay, on to the actual recommendations.

2) Reed Career Advice 

Reed Provide a blog centred mainly on the steps to getting a job. They have many great CV writing advice blogs as well and ways to angle your applications to each type of job you apply for.

Another great benefit of this site is they have CV templates and other tools to assist all aspects of your application process including interview advice and practice. There are many more topics to interact with on Reed’s blogs so check them out.

3) Pure Jobs Blog 

This is a much wider ranged blog than any other. If you want advice on any job role or sector chances are they have multiple blogs on that topic. Ranging from graphics design to oil and gas industry they have experts and experienced individuals creating regular posts so every time you return to their site there’s more for you to discover.

4) Graduate Coach

This page is focused entirely on those in the closing years of university or other education and are looking to assist with the transition into work. A lot of focus is placed on making the swap from full-time education into full time employment and it focuses on the processes and tasks you can do to give yourself the best opportunities in your career in making your way into the workplace and what to do after.

5) Bubble Jobs Blog

The final blog we’re recommending today is Bubble Jobs, they have a huge range of post varying from what to do when you’re in a job to how to get the job you dream of. One of my favourite posts of theirs is – 

This post focuses on a concept that is often overlooked by a lot of individuals looking to apply for jobs vacancies. This is just one example of useful and interesting posts they have on their site.

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