A Walk Through of a Job Application.

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: February 26, 2022

A Walk Through of a Job Application.

We recently spoke with members of Newcastle City Council’s employment team who mentioned some common mistakes they see on their application forms, one of which is something very obvious that people miss out, automatically making their form void and losing the opportunity all together! They informed us of jobs currently live and open too (as of Feb 2022) so if it seems something of interest then be sure to check it out. 

Although job applications can vary hugely company to company, we have the actual forms here for you to see which might help boost your confidence on what sort of questions you may expect. See the full application at the end of the blog. 


  • When filing in wordy information, such as names, emails, addresses and past experiences use BOLD LETTERS. Joined up lettering in your normal handwriting may look nice but if the person reading mistakes an ‘a’ for a ‘c’ or an ‘L’ for an ‘I’ then they may not be able to contact you. A simple adjustment.  

  • Read the pages carefully! As you can see there may be a lot of words and if you’re eager to get started with a job you may rush and miss key information. It might sound silly but is done a lot easier than you expect. Even if its wordy read through everything to make sure you are answering the correct questions and ticking where needs to be ticked.



  • I have highlighted ‘Start with the most recent and work back’. If you weren’t paying attention you may start at the beginning of your education and work forward to remember everything chronologically, but instantly thats shown the employers you’ve miss-read their instructions. Everyone may ask for something different, they could only ask for your most relevant work.


  • MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS! Your time to show off. There may be tasks in your current job that you do every day without even thinking, it doesn’t seem like anything exciting to you.. But there will probably be hundreds or thousands of others that can’t do that. Ask people who know you or work with you about what skills you extract from your current role, it’s easy to not think its anything special when it’s your every-day work but it could be a skill the new employers are looking for. They won’t know until you tell them.


  • SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. THE BIG ONE. According to Newcastle Council this page is often skipped which automatically sends the application form to ‘incomplete’ and they are unable to take you further. Stop being modest and be proud of the skills and knowledge you’ve gained over the years. This isn’t purely about work experience so don’t worry if you haven’t had a job before, think of skills you show in other aspects of life. Once you have a think and write some down there’ll be more than you realise! Completing our courses uses a variety of skills, we’ve incorporated these specifically and some of it you’ll be doing already and not realise. Leadership skills, organisation, caring or communication skills are often used outside of the workplace too- employers will want to hear about this.

  • Be prepared to answer questions that may seem personal, data will be secure and for a companies record. The majority of the time when asked personal questions there will be a ‘prefer not to say’ option, but a lot of job applications will require some information along these lines.

My extra tips: 

-Check the back page! ALWAYS! It’s like missing the last big question in an exam, you’ve done all the hard work and forget to turn over the page to finish the form. Again, these ‘silly’ mistakes can be done easily when you’re excited about something. Check and check again, you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

-Don’t be afraid to ask. If something seems confusing or incorrect, you’re probably not the only person thinking that. It’s always better to approach the company and ask some questions resulting in handing in a complete form than being too shy and handing in something incorrect which might result in an automatic no. You’re not expected to be perfect and understand everything from the start.

Newcastle City Council are currently hiring; Cleaners, Relief Cleaners, Catering Assistants, Caretakers, Chargehands, Chefs, Relief Caretakers, Mobile Cleaners, Market Inspectors and Various Manager Posts, and more as of February 2022 but we have been informed they often have multiple posts open so no matter when you’re seeing this, if you’re on the job hunt it could be worth checking out! Here is their webpage with the current available jobs: https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/services/jobs-and-careers/all-jobs

Good Luck! I hope this has helped give you an idea of what to expect. Some jobs may have no set application form, some may only ask for your name or some might be longer than this. If you’re interested in working on your employability skills then we, the Achievement Academy, provide that. Check out what you can gain from this here https://achievementacademy.uk/club/ or have a look at our other blog posts for free tips, tricks and information!

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The full application form for a job at Newcastle City Council:  


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