Top Blogs For Top Positivity This Holiday Season

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: December 3, 2021

This week we thought we’d bring something a little less taxing!

December has officially started and it can be a super busy time, so today I’m sharing some online blogs and resources that can help make this month (and all months after) go a little bit smoother by integrating some positivity, self care and mindfulness into your day. 

  1. Think you don’t have time for mindfulness? I’m sure you at least have time to eat so first up we have Tasting Mindfulness by Lynn Rossy. This blog has many entries a lot of which focus on mindful eating and how to fully enjoy your food and conscious eating. With this you’re not taking away any time from your busy schedule but with practise can still get the mental benefits of mindfulness! Plus new food recipes are always fun to try.

2)    With a title of ‘Do you want to live a more confident, fulfilling, positive and calm life?’ we couldn’t resist clicking this blog to check out what it offers. The Little Blog of Positivity  by Alison has a huge variety of topics being discussed from journalling to gifts for relaxation, with their newest entry (Nov 28th 2021) being about mistakes made at career crossroads, if you’re interested in that one definitely give us a message.

3)    If you aren’t interested in the meditation/ mindfulness areas how about surrounding yourself with some positive news more often? The news can be overwhelming and rather negative at times, especially with our smart phones and internet use it can be thrown at us at all times of the day without warning. Check out Positive News to find out what good is going on in the world. With a range of topics you can search around to find areas that interest you and introducing more positivity into your day can never be a bad thing.

4)    Similarly to Positive News, the BBC website has a section for positive news stories. These don’t often make the front page but once you start checking them out you’ll want to be looking every day. My favourite from this week is a cat in Birmingham has been reunited with its owners 10 years after going missing! 

Be sure to drop us a message on our social medias to let us know if you’ve tried any of these blogs or if you have your own to recommend. We’d love to hear from you! We can be found on instagram at @AchievementAcademyGROUP or twitter @AcademyGroupVA and we hope this has helped bring some calm in what can be a very busy festive period. 



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