6 Hints for A Great Interview

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: December 17, 2021

When looking for a job it is very much a case of finding a role you want, challenging yourself with a new role where you know you can match the criteria. There will almost always be others trying to land the same role. When you have applied and received an interview invitation, then it is time to showcase who you are and what you can do. You have to come across as the best person for the role.

Here are six tips we frequently share with our members, to help stand out in a job interview:

Arriving Early even by just 5 minutes is important because it shows you respect the interviewers time. Nothing stands out more in a negative way than being late. These are easy points for being a little early. If your interview is virtual (such as over Zoom) be ready 5 minutes ahead of time and test that your device can handle the call.

Being Presentable helps when you meet your potential new colleagues. The first impression is important and is remembered. Arriving clean, with tidy hair, neat untorn clothes that are appropriate to the role you are seeking makes a good first impression.  Pay attention to and be open to adjust for any health procedures the interviewer makes you aware of (such as masks and sanitizer).

Researching the Company is hopefully something you did before applying, but take at least 5 minutes to run through the main points: when the company was first opened/founded; what the long-term goals are, the vision and values. Knowing this makes a big difference and will almost certainly earn you extra points. It shows you pay attention to details and knowing this background will help you settle in your work, if you’re hired. The interviewer will be more confident in you.

Being Aware of Your Body Language  is such a simple thing, and most people will take note of this. An interview can be a nerve racking experience but showing that you are an open and friendly person makes you approachable to a potential employer.  They already understand you may be nervous. You can still show intent via body language by using hand gestures, shaking the interviewers’ hand (if they offer theirs), facing the interviewer, sitting squarely in front of them, smiling, and making eye contact when being interviewed.

Preparing Questions Beforehand  shows you gave the interview some thought before you arrived, especially if they are short and to the point. Interviewers do not appreciate long rambling questions, or questions that could have been answered by reading the job description or the website. This is another opportunity to show you researched them beforehand.

Engage with The Interviewer  in general conversations such as asking how someone is, or how their day has been. It shows the person you are speaking to that you are interested in their day too, that you are a sociable person and easy to get along with. How you engage will impress more than your ability to do a job, generally. It is especially important when you are a candidate to look and be approachable as in many job roles this is key to being able to fit in.

Let us know if any of our tips have worked for you or if you have any tips that we can share.

Good luck with your interview!

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