Meet The Team: Joe

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: April 25, 2022

Hello everyone, 

My name is Joe and my social handles are:

Twitter @JoeRobinson_VA

Instagram @JoeRobinson_VA


I work as part of the social media mangers at the Achievement Academy. I recently became full time, still working from home of course, which has given the opportunity to invest more time into more projects including renovating our websites, keep your eyes out for that! My work background is based on the apprenticeship I took in digital marketing as soon as I finished sixth form in Newcastle.

Instead of going to uni I entered the working world which I don’t regret at all, studying was never my strongest asset and I much preferred ‘doing’ in order to learn than theory. Outside of work I am involved in a football team on the weekends as both player and club secretary for whom I am a centre back for and we just won the league this season. Other than that I also help as a Leader at a youth group on the weekends and still enjoy the aspects of student life…


This is only the second role I have had and the first since passing my apprenticeship and it is a great situation as I find myself in the position of many of the individuals we are trying to support. I have experience the situation of those opting for the apprenticeship route, the ones who are job hunting and those who are just starting their career.

.We have many recourses available: courses for you to take such as how to fit in with your new team, working out how you can carry your interests into your job. We have many courses, tips and tricks, we also offer webinars to businesses and individuals.

As always if you have any questions about the Academy you can message us on our website, via social media or email 

This concludes this instalment of our meet the team topic we have been partaking in over the past few weeks.

Have a good weekend 


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