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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: April 29, 2022 

We have just completed two free, public webinars which have given participants a renewed focus and different perspective on their work. 

The first was on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). There is a lot of writing in the media about this today and training courses abound. However the missing ingredient, that we provide with our webinars, is the practical approach and the problem solving technique we bring. In fact it is this personal, real life example discussion that sets the Achievement Academy apart form the rest. What if you have all your policies and procedures in place for DEI, have given people objectives to improve, have held workshops where people can openly comment on the issue – and things still don’t change? Or in fact they now get worse? 

Frustrating as it is, people (all of us) do not change behaviours because of training or policy. We change behaviours because we want to – or not. Training might lead us to think a little differently about the subject. Policies might warn us how to behave to avoid trouble, but deep down, there is little effect. We comply, but that’s all. DEI needs to be handled at the personal level and only through protected, open discussion and true exploration of ideas and incidents can change be expected. 

The Achievement Academy provides the learning aspects of many real world changes we need to make as we enter the world of work, or as we make key transitions in our working life. But it is sharing the topics with real, open discussion that makes them come alive. One of these can be done by online learning, the other requires people.  We provide both. 

Another example is workplace stress and wellbeing. In a recent webinar, we learned from our clinical nurse, why the online course Is built the way it is. The intent, once you have signed up is that you always have access to the material and tools, even when they are upgraded. Why? Because learning to handle stress, and then learning how to use stress to help you thrive is not a ‘learning exercise’ by itself. It is lived experience and shared perspectives that make it all real – and therefore effective. 

Our VUCANAV workplace wellbeing program has three sections that you can delve into in any sequence. Just take the stress assessment first to guide your path. If you are currently suffering from stress and it’s a negative in your life, one section will give you tools and techniques to address and then overcome. If you have not suffered extreme workplace stress, another section helps you to build resilience so that you never do. And the final section helps you maintain your stress management skills and even turn stress into a positive force in your life. 

Real perspectives. Real examples shared by people willing and wanting not just to learn, but to change their lives for the better. 

Can you afford not to attend our free seminars? For the latest events, check out our calendar here. 

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