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Really exciting – the Transitions to Work series subscription launches on July 15th, 2021

Published: July 4, 2021

Transitions to Work - Make a Positive Impact

In education, be it school, college or university we gain a lot of knowledge and hopefully some ability to analyze and make sense of the world around us, so we often get to ponder difficult questions for the world and our communities and we look at a lot of theoretical possibilities and historical evidence to comprehend our world.

Then it comes time to go to work. This is reality. We need to live and for most of us that means getting a job to start with. Some of us may have some good career counselling because we have been lucky with our counsellors or family, but very often that simply tries to fit us into existing jobs and roles available at the time. As a result, we founder and struggle to get into a positive stride.

Where is the help in deciding what type of job is best for us – each of us? How about the help on the basics of making a great first impression when we do find work. Where is the guidance leading us to a job we love, or at least will take us towards that ideal job? 


This type of help is quite usually given in expensive private schools and some very famous universities and colleges, for instance. But again for most of us, we have to work it out for ourselves, because there is little mentoring. 

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Our Transitions to Work series has been established to address this very issue, by focusing on the changes each of us need to be aware of as we transition to work. Because, giving confidence and a framework for good decisions for everybody is only right.

Transitions to Work - The Solution

Our blog will be focused on introducing topics that we may never have heard in school, but are likely to face (or are already facing) in the workplace. 

Our mentoring will be both from people who have made a success of their careers and from people going through the transition for the first time. Every aspect and perpsective is important.

Founder members, who subscribe on or before December 31st, 2021 join for only £11 ($15) per month – for LIFE.

Designed to help those transitioning from education to the workplace. Help for those many issues nobody ever taught us at school.

Full Introduction to the Transitions to Work Club

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