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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: August 19, 2022

Hello everyone, 

My name is Ilinka and you can find me on Instagram: @ilinkabeckles_va or Twitter: @ilinkabecklesva

Ahhh, Friday again already! Can you all believe it? Looking forward to catch up with you all

If you are a continued reader of our blog then welcome back so good to have you here with us again for another weekly read, and if you are new then welcome it is great to have you here. 

It has been quite an exciting week this week for us here at Vision Achievment Limited. We have had a busy one, we have new blog that our website designer/social marketing manager Joe has been working on so that you can find everything you want and need all simply so we cannot wait to soon give our release date for that. 

I personally have enjoyed catching up on Twitter within the last few weeks lately and wow did I pick a good week to be more invested because England VS Germany happened so that became one of the top trending hashtags especially when history was made when England won. 

We have been working on new courses and developing our current courses as we want to keep up to date, allow you to have the best of the best. We have a course on Stress and Wellbeing, so a toolkit created by the wonderful Aga Kehinde – Clinical Nurse, Coach and Therapist to help you learn how to manage your stresses and find your way back to safely. We are currently offering this course FREE to all NHS staff.

So that is our catch up and our week – Over to our wonderful readers, DM us or tweet us what you have been up to or got planned for the weekend

As always if you have any questions about the Academy you can message us on our website, via social media or email socials@visionachievement.uk. Have a fantastic weekend and keep taking every opportunity to grow and learn. 

Take care,


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