What do you gain from our live seminars?

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From the Transitions to Work  program.

Published: January 25, 2022

You may have seen advertised we offer free, live, online group calls. These are centred around a topic (currently we are running ‘First month at work’, ‘Applying for an apprenticeship with confidence’, ‘Diversity and inclusion – what it means to a new starter at work’ and ‘Stress management – maintain your wellbeing at work’ but be sure to check our events page, eventbrite or drop us a message to find out what’s happening when you see this). These are moderated events that encourage discussion and provide practical tools for you to take on through your life. We listen to your issues and offer suggestions and guidance.

How does this benefit you?

Not only do we go in-depth on a specific topic relating to a work place- often relevant whether you’re in work or still looking- but we provide a ‘tool’ which you can then take away and apply to your specific circumstance and adjust as your career changes. 

We also keep the events light-hearted and offer many opportunities for you to join in the discussion; this can help boost your social skills, confidence and language skills as we share our own experiences and hear from people of different backgrounds.

This is an opportunity you won’t get at a school or work event as these are limited to people who are already in similar positions to yourselves, we can bring together a vast range of backgrounds giving the chance to learn from each other and understand how the same topic can vary depending on individual situations.

How might the event go?

These are conducted via an online zoom call, you should receive a link for this from eventbrite prior to the call. This may change event to event but we tend to make the event 60-75minutes long and roughly you can expect:

We will do our welcomes and introductions. The event will be primarily hosted by Martin Hedley, an executive advisor for Vision Achievement, and one of our social marketing managers, either myself (Heather Stewart), Joe Robinson or Ilinka Beckles, who you may have had contact with through our social medias or read their blog posts.

We will then show a short presentation focussed around the specific topic with an opportunity to then ask any questions and have a discussion. 

Introduction to the specific ‘tool’ to help these issues. This may have been mentioned in the presentation but you are now shown how to use it for yourself, again then offering a chance to ask questions.

By this time, specific points of discussions will have naturally arisen so there is a bit of time to go over what we have learnt and answer any questions as well as hearing your feedback on the session. We will inform you how we share the tool and if further information is requested how you can contact us. 

We will then say our goodbyes! Easy as that.

These events always provide interesting conversation and a fun, insightful evening. If you wish to attend an event but the date/ time doesn’t suit be sure to get in touch and we can see what we can offer. Don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch and there’s no pressure to share any information about yourself or your career that you don’t wish to. Anyone not behaving with respect will be removed from the call.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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